Year-End Wrap

The new year is my favorite time of year.  It comes with this refreshing sense of wiping the slate clean and starting over.  Maybe starting over is the wrong word.  That seems to imply that things didn’t go right or that I need a redo. I don’t think that is the right way to look […]

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A Consumer’s Christmas

I’ve always found an immense amount of joy in the Christmas season. From the carols, to the beautiful twinkling lights, to the holiday gatherings. I reveled in the whimsy of the holiday season. Now, seeing the season through the eyes of my children it heightens my pleasure even more. There is an unspoken magic to […]

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Waiting Until the Right Time

With so many things in life we find ourselves waiting until the right time.  Dustin and I did this with marriage, kids, changing jobs, and buying a home.  We didn’t get married for 7 years, and it was another 5 years until we got pregnant.  Yes, we were a little slow to begin with but something […]

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Keeping the Dream Alive

Something I often struggle with is keeping the dream alive. I’m great at the dreaming part but it’s not too far after I have the stroke of inspiration that my dream withers like plants on my kitchen window sill. Why is that? How can I be filled with such magic and ambition and then it […]

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