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This blog is intended to be a place for us to document our journey as we prepare and transition into full-time RV life.   For those of you who don’t know, there are currently one million full-time RV’ers on the road.   It’s nothing new, but it is growing in popularity as people are turning their focus to being minimalists, being more eco-friendly, being more aware of consumerism, and wanting to reconnect with a simplified life.

I would say that for us, this started back in November of 2010.  Dustin and I had been together for 10 years at this point.  We decided that before we take plunge and enter into the world of parenthood, we would take the plunge and enter the world first.  We left for a four-month backpacking trip that forever changed our lives.  This trip led us all over Western Europe and Southeast Asia with a quick stop in Egypt.  It was then that we were awakened.

It’s hard to put into words how an experience like this forever changes the dynamic of your life.  When we returned home and got back into our 9-5 jobs a sense of stagnancy set in.  Like any responsible adult, we shoved that shit down as far into our souls as it could go and we went on living.  We became parents and life was looking up.  We had given up on dreams of travel and reserved those precious vacation days for local camping trips or quick stints in Florida.  It was never enough.

This urge to travel kept rearing its head for the both of us.  We kept using the excuse of, “we have kids now, we can’t travel”.  I will say that my kids are epic adventurers and travelers, as I think most children are.  They have a natural thirst for exploration and discovery.  It’s innate.  So how could we use them as our excuse?  Sounds like a cop out to me.

As I began doing some self-discovery, I started seeing this theme arising again and again.  When asked, “when was the time I really felt alive?” without hesitation my response was always, “traveling”.  I knew we needed to fix this.  I didn’t how but I set off in exploration to find a way to travel, work, homeschool, and to have a ton of fun.

I started researching full-time RV’ers and came up with a plethora of information.  There is whole community out there traveling the country, connecting, and camping.  It was my dream.  I started following Less Junk < More Journey and Keep Your Daydream, and gained not only wisdom but inspiration that we could do this.

Dustin wasn’t on board at first.  I had to secretly put together a budget and have answers to the endless barrage of questions I was bound to get when I proposed the original idea.  He was pretty firm no.  For weeks I kept on him.  He is a minimalist at heart. He loves to travel.  He loves to camp.  How could he not be onboard? I couldn’t force him into it.  This was a massive lifestyle change and we had only just recently bought our home and transitioned into suburban life.  I asked him to go to an RV show with me, and if he decided there that we couldn’t manage a life on the road, then I would drop it forever.

We came back from the RV show lit up and beaming with new hope and possibilities.  That was truly the turning point for us.  Seeing all of the trailers and envisioning us in one.  It was thrilling and electric.  IT seemed as if the universe was just urging us to commit…so we did.

The logistics of it all are now incredibly daunting.  Our to-do list is a mile long and our expenses to simply launch are jaw dropping.  We’re not quite sure how this will all fall into place but we’re certain that it will.  We want share with you our experience as we conquer challenge after challenge and learn a whole new way of life.  Right now we don’t know the “how” and nothing seems to be adding up and that’s okay.  The planning itself is a part of the journey.  It’s pushing yourself beyond the point of comfort into a place of fear, uncertainty, and “what the hell am I thinking”.  And you just keep going.  It’s taking one small step towards that dream without knowing what the next one will be.  It’s having so much trust that this is the life you are destined for.  This dream is yours – grab it.

“Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.” —George Herbert


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